Housing  Base Plate mounting type with Top Acrylic cover.
 Size  Controller: : H=100 x W=145mm x D=75 mm.
 Power Transformer: : As per the motor rating. Will be mounted separately.
Supply Input : 230V AC, +/- 10%, 50 Hzs.
Motor O/P : 0 to 36V dc variable - 2Amp.
 Protections & Features
Pulse Width Modulation technology for lesser Motor heating.
In-built Soft Start.
Motor Overload Protection by adjustable Current Limit.
Adjustable Min & Max speed.
On board Mains On indications.
Terminal attached Speed set Potentiometer to be connected outside.
On board Easily replaceable fuses & terminals for connections.
'Remote On-Off' (control On-Off) provision for frequent motor On-Off operation.