Housing  Module : Base plate mounting with top acrylic cover. (Open execution type).
 Size  H=230mm, W=220mm, D=105mm.
Input : 230VAC or 440VAC - 2 Phase, +/- 10%, 50Hzs.
Field Output : 200VDC fixed.
Armature Output : oV-180Vdc OR 0V - 360Vdc variable.
 Protections & Features
Continuous Firing Circuit, which gives smooth and step less output.
R-C Snubbers for Thyristor's protections.
Tacho Feedback provision.
Motor Overload protection by Adjustable Current limit & Curent Trip.
Field Fail protections.
Adjustable Acceleration & Decceleration time. (3 to 15 secs).
Adjustable Max-Min Speeds.
Adjustable IR Compnsation.
LED indications for Field Fail, Power, Motor On & Trip.