Housing  Front Mounted - Powder Coated MS enclosure.
 Size  H=96mm x W=192mm x D=150mm.
 Cutout  92mm x 186mm (with +1 / -0mm clearance)
Supply : 230V AC, +/- 10%, 50Hzs.
Output : Two Relay o/p for Motor.
Setting : Through 8 feather touch keys.
Display : 16 x 2 lines Alfa-numerical LCD display with Back lit.
Micro controller based design with Alfa-numerical LCD display
Programmable 'Total Cycle time'.
Programmable 'Delay time' between Forward to Reverse or vice-versa.
Programmable 6 different speed.
RPM - Process Time - For/Rev status visible on display.
Male/female connector for easy replacement.
A value-adding product with better aesthetic look.