Housing  Open type Front facia.
 Size  H=170mm x W=625mm x D=50mm.
Supply : 230V AC, +/- 10%, 50Hzs.
Sensor : RTD sensor.
Output : Solid State- 0V to 24VDC-15Amps programmable.
: Single Relay o/p for Heater.
Setting : Through feather touch keys.
Display : 7 segment LED display- 4 parameters.
Micro controller based design with LED displays & keypad.
Individual Displays for : Output Volt
                                     : Output Current
                                     : Temperature
                                     : Time
Transformer less - Solid State variable DC output voltage.
High Voltage regulation giving constant DC Voltage.
Auto / Manual functions selectable.
Audio Alarm for Time over status.
PEN mode selectable.
Male/female connector for easy replacement.
A value-adding product with better aesthetic look.