Housing  Front Panel mounting type, ABS plastic Enclosure.
 Size  H=72mm x W=72mm x D=110mm.
 Cutout  68mm x 68mm. (with +1 / -0mm tolerance)
I/P Supply : 230V AC, +/- 10%, 50 Hzs.
Armature O/P : 0V - 180V DC variable.
Power : Up to 1/4HP PMDC motor.
Display : 31/2 digit. Max display=1999.
Note: The display can be viewed with any required value from 000 to Max 1999 count. This reading will be directly proportional to the motor output voltage and not the RPM.
 Protections & Features
Heavy-duty line suppressers for Mains Power Fluctuations & noise.
In-built Soft Start.
Motor Overload Protection by adjustable Current Limit & Current Trip.
Adjustable Min & Max speed.
Front Panel Mains On & Overload indications.
Front Panel On/Off switch & Speed set Potentiometer.
Front Panel Digital display with adjustment at backside.
Easily replaceable fuses & terminals for connections at backside.
'Remote On-Off' (control On-Off) provision for frequent motor On-Off operation.