Housing  Base plate mounted. Open type with / without top acrylic cover.
 Size  H=140 x W=135 x D=80mm.
I/P Supply : 230V AC, +/- 10%, 50 Hzs.
Coil O/P : 0V - 200V / 6A Max.
 Protections & Features
Special design for Inductive load like Vibrator coils.
Totally smooth, Linear & Stable control.
In-built Soft Start for jerkless vibration at starting.
Isolated Control Voltage.
Motor Overload Protection by easily replaceable Glass fuse.
On board adjustable Min & Max vibration limits.
On board Power On indications.
Enable / Disable input for frequent On-Off operations.
0 to 10V DC from PLC for Vibration control (optional).