Housing  Wall mounting type - Powder Coated - MS enclosure.
 Size  H=370mm x W=240mm x D=150mm (200mm with components)
Input : 1-Phase- 230VAC,+/- 10%, 50Hzs. OR
: 2-Phase-440VAC,+/- 10%, 50Hzs.
Power : 1-Phase = 0.5 to 3HP
: 2-Phase = 1 to 5HP.
Field Output : 200VDC fixed. (not applicable for PMDC motor).
Armature Output : 0V - 180VDC variable for 1-Phase OR
: 0V- 350VDC variable for 2-Phase.
Continuous Firing Circuit, which gives smooth and step less output.
R-C Snubbers for Power devices' protections against Power fluctuation.
Motor Overload protection by Adjustable Current Trip.
Field Fail protection. (Not for PMDC motor).
Incoming MCB for Short circuit protection.
Auto trip for Over speed in Tension mode.
Digital DC Volt & Amp Display on front. showing Motor's Voltage & Amps
Power On, Alarm, Trip & Motor On LED indications on front.
Run / Stop switch for Wnder motor.
Normal / Tension Mode selector switch.
SPEED set pot for Normal mode & TENSION set pot for Tension mode.
FORWARD-OFF-REVERSE switch on front.
Adjustable Acceleration & Deceleration time. (3 to 15 secs).
Adjustable MAX & MIN speeds.
A completely field proven & rugged system.
The unit works as a standard DC motor speed controller with speed control by    SPEED
    set pot.
Select the FOR / REV direction by the front switch - Put the switch in RUN mode & run    
    the winder motor as desired speed.
Basically this mode is useful for free running of the winder or for the
    maintenance    purpose.

The unit works as a WINDER Drive as per the set tension on TENSION SET POT.
First select NORMAL mode
Start only un-winder - Un-wind some material & STOP.
Now only run the WINDER at very low speed & start winding the loose material.
Run the winder till the material film is stretched gently & then STOP immediately
  (by    Run / Stop switch). This is the READY position required to start the winder in    TENSION mode.
Now keeping the MAINS SWITCH 'ON' - set the SPEED pot on 20% or 30% - Set    
   TENSION pot initially to 20% & change the switch to TENSION mode without putting   
   OFF the power. - Finally put the switch in RUN & keep the winder ready.
Start the Un-winder at slow speed - The WINDER also has to run as soon as the film    
   gets loosened. If it does not start, increase the % of TENSION a little more, till it   
    starts moving.
Once WIDER starts - it stretches the film & starts winding as per the set tension.
    Check the TENSION on the film/layer near the winder & adjust it further if required.
Now slowly increase the Un-winder speed to the required point. The winder    
   automatically increases its speed proportionally - keeping the same TENSION as set.
   The SPEED SET pot in this mode has no effect now.
The system will now take care of the uniform TENSION throughout the process by    reducing its own speed proportionally with the diameter of the film/layer on the    bobbin/core.
At the end, put off the Un-winder first - Put the switch in STOP mode & then cut the    material.
The winder tends to go to full speed if the film/layer is cut / broken in-between. In
    that case, put off the system & re-start with the same procedure as explained.